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Don't Be So Judgey!

There are Two Sides to Every Story


With a new election cycle looming, politicians are trying to win over voters with speeches about how they will fix the tax system if they get elected. Many are speaking about doing away with the current progressive tax system and replace it with a simpler, flat tax methodology. Why would changing the tax code be a good idea? The following articles are two points of view. What do you think? 


The United States in on fire with the debate between Police, Safety, Prejudice, and Life. Many people have turned to protests to show their dissatisfaction with the current rules governing police. Others have turned to rioting and violence, spawning retaliatory violence. Violence is never the answer, and always Judgey when it happens. Two of our authors weigh in on the Baltimore incident, and try to not be Judgey.

In the United States we have a broad mix of cultures and traditions.  Many are obvious in the churches we go to, or the sports we watch, or the food we eat.  Others, like circumcision, are so far below the surface we seldom think about them.  Then you find out you are having a son.  Suddenly, something that never crossed your mind, never made it to the conversation, might be an issue.  Our auhtors try to tackle the surprisingly difficult debate below, without being Judgey.

Baby Circumcison

The Welfare system has been a concern in the United States since its insception during the Great Depression.  Although absolutely not the only country to have such as system, it is considered by most people to be one of the most disfunctional.  We are entering an election year and as usual the public systems in the United States are on the debate and will bewatched closly by all.  But underneath the pomp and arguements of the poltiicans are the actual results of the system.  Below, two of our auhtors chop away at the fat (or lack there of) of Food Stamps, while doing our best to not be Judg

Road Signs: Employment or Welfare?

The health and safety of children is basically a universal desire for all of humanity. But the best way to go about it? That's the clincher. Between Polo and Ebola and Chicken Pox, crippling and fatal diseases are on the rise. So two of our authors try to find some sense in a world of Internet Medicine, research, and conjecture. And try keep from being Judgey while they do it.