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Don't Be So Judgey!

There are Two Sides to Every Story


Sharks have become the talk of the summer here on the east coast. With three shark attacks happening within a month, and within miles of each other, it is hard not to think about them every time you are on the beach. The thing is though, the ocean is their home...that has never changed. Of course, there are going to be sharks swimming in the ocean. I do not understand why that is a surprise to so many people. I have lived at the beach all my life. We grew up swimming, surfing, and playing in the ocean. I have never known any one, personally, who has been attacked by a shark.


Tattoos are one of the oldest art forms and their practice can be found in modern or historical practice nearly anywhere in the world. But in many cultures they also carry a stigma of defiance or a criminal past. Our authors share their experience with the often Judged art form, while trying not to be Judgey in return.

Tattoo Belly