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Apple™, Crapple and the Joy of Android™

Fri, Apr 24, 2015
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Have you ever bought a new computer and tried to move your iTunes™ over?  If you haven’t, then you are very luck and I wish you the best when the time comes.  If you have, then you know it very closely resembles pushing a hot poker into your eye while trying to listen to Klingon Opera (I’m not above a Star Trek reference).  Rather than going into an iTunes rant though, I’d like to just talk about my disappointment in Apple™.  They started out as the rebels, a group of computer designers trying to free the public from the iron grip Microsoft™.  At first they did just that.  They made an OS that was extremely resistant to viruses and hacking and gave the user of a lot of flexibility and power, in a very attractive shell.  They quickly became the standard for developers and designers because their systems worked and worked well.  This changed with the iPhone™.  Suddenly Apple became THE technology developer, and they locked it down.  They became the bully.  They started attacking and suing companies, like Samsung and LTC over “intellectual copyright” issues whenever a competing phone came out.  They even started releasing unfinished OS updates and glitch ridden new phones and letting users and customers bare the brunt of testing, the same policies they once criticized Microsoft™ of.

This brings me to the new, new guys.  Which really are the old guys.  Android.  To get through a little techie stuff, Android™ and Apple™ operating systems are both based on Linux™.  Linux is, basically, a free and open operating system that allows people to make custom changes.  Now, both Apple™ and Android™ have changed considerably since then.  But their origins are the same.  Only Android™ has remained open, free, and user driven.  Some people say this makes it more vulnerable to problems.  This is true.  But it also allows users to make it safer.  Apple™ software is not safe, especially from Apple™.  They keep the back doors nice and open so they can use your data for their own purposes.  They collect, sell it, and you pay for the privilege. And there is NOTHING you can do about it.  Android™ will do the same if you let it, but you can stop it pretty easily, and it isn’t one giant corporation behind.  It’s simply an app here or a network provider there.

Android™ is also open to multiple designers, developers, and even to you.  As you read this, you can download the Android™ base and make your own OS if you want to.  The Amazon Kindle™ operates off their own Android™ system.  That is why your Samsung Galaxy™ can take part in the Amazon’s “Free App of the Day™.” That’s right, every day Amazon™ gives away a free, normally paid, app.  That puts the Joy in my Android™.


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