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Much Ado About Sharks

Sun, Aug 09, 2015
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Sharks have become the talk of the summer here on the east coast. With three shark attacks happening within a month, and within miles of each other, it is hard not to think about them every time you are on the beach. The thing is though, the ocean is their home...that has never changed. Of course, there are going to be sharks swimming in the ocean. I do not understand why that is a surprise to so many people. I have lived at the beach all my life. We grew up swimming, surfing, and playing in the ocean. I have never known any one, personally, who has been attacked by a shark. In all my research, there are many everyday animals we come in contact with that are more likely to harm a human being than sharks. To that, I say, play in the water! Have fun! Let the kids swim. You can not teach them to fear everything in life. We hear the phrase "what if" much to often. What if this, what if that...well, what if? What if they get bit by a shark...what if they drown in the pool...? If we used this question to make every single decision in our life, we would not have a life. If you want to live in fear, then by all means go ahead and do it, but I say live! Live life, do not question it. Just be safe about it.

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