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New Hampshire - Let the Primaries Begin!

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Tue, Feb 09, 2016
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The primary season begins in earnest today, February 9th, in New Hampshire. Unlike Iowa, New Hampshire holds a primary rather than a caucus. Primaries are easier and are just like voting in a general election. No standing around for hours to cast that your vote, of flip a coin (unbelievable that can happen in the 21st century).  Like Iowa, the numbers of participants in the New Hampshire primary look be historic. Mile-long lines in New Hampshire have been reported since the early morning hours and the number of voters is expected to exceed 500K! 


The Bern is looking to defeat Hill-Dog and if he does, it will be game on going into the next race, North Carolina. Bernie is favored to win in New Hampshire, no surprise there, but is not expected to perform well in the southern states. Hillary is expected to perform well there. 


The Republican field is a totally different story. Trump is favored by something like 20 percentage points, but it is this writers opinion that The Donald will not ultimately come capture what the pollsters are forecasting. Voters in New Hampshire are known to make up their minds at the last minute and this year should be no exception. Marco Rubio is looking to surge and Cruz looks to be pulling in about the same numbers, around 20%. If Rubio can pull out a solid finish in New Hampshire his chances of winning the nomination improve. Now, if Christy and/or Jeb put up good numbers the race for the republican nomination will be VERY interesting. 


I find it interesting is that the nation pays so much attention to primaries in states which such few people. I suppose it shows how important it is to go first! 


Wonder when your state’s primary is held? Here’s an easy way to find out!

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