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Futbol: These Shoes Were Made For Kicking

Wed, May 06, 2015
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I don’t understand why American Football is called “Football.”  Football literally means foot and ball – which would imply that the players kick a ball with their feet up and down a field….very much like in European and Latin American futbol.  In American Football the players run with the ball in their hand – which is absolutely forbidden in futbol.  In American Football, there is only one kicker and he maybe kicks the ball once per game.  American Football should be called “tackle ball” or “American Rugby” rather than bastardizing the original game by calling it “soccer.” What is soccer?  Why minimize the beautiful game of futbol. 

When you have a good team, the game flows in such a way that it almost resembles a ballet – the players do so much fancy footwork and play so well together that it almost seems like they could read each other’s minds.  A futbol match lasts 90 minutes, which consists of 45 minute half times.  During the entire 45 minutes, there is no stopping – only if there is a penalty or an injury. These times are tracked and the maximum stoppage time is never more than 4 minutes, it is usually only 2 minutes.  Besides the small amounts of stoppage time – the players are constantly running, kicking, and in constant activity and constantly aware of their surroundings.  They need to be aware of the ball and the other players to ensure that they maintain control of the ball, don’t cause a penalty, and don’t go off sides when they are attempting to score.  On the other hand, in tackle ball, players are active for no more than a few minutes at a time – they are so covered in gear that they can’t possibly aware of their surroundings.  All they need to do is grab the ball and run like hell and avoid getting tackled – and I can understand why – 10 300 pound men jumping on top of me with hard gear would be an excellent deterrent to ensure that I run as fast as I can, yet they get tackled all the time. 

The biggest exciting events for tackle ball matches are the commercials and everything that happens outside of the actual game.  Tackle ball is also extremely dangerous, young players are constantly dying of concussions.  Futbol players get concussions as well, but the incidents of death or serious injury are much lower.  I have nothing against tackle ball or tackle ball fans – everyone has the right to enjoy the sport that they chose.  However, I disagree with comparing the two sports and changing the name of futbol to soccer when there is no real valid reason for doing so.  American football is its own separate and unique game and has no comparison to futbol, so let’s respect the futbol fans and not change their name to “soccer.”

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