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Don't Be So Judgey!

There are Two Sides to Every Story


Consuming Raw Milk is a bad idea for many reasons. With volumes of data reporting on the negative and dangerous effects of raw milk, some people continue to drink unpasteurized milk. This might be because people incorrectly believe that raw milk has a greater nutritional value and is as safe as pasteurized milk. What is Raw Milk? Well, according to the Food and Drug Administration (, milk from “cows, sheep and goats that has not been pasteurized to kill harmful bacteria, is unpasteurized or raw milk.


So imagine visiting Ghiradelli square on a Saturday afternoon and finding yourself right in the middle of 100’s of nude bike riders…would you be all for it or would it totally shock and appall you….and so we decided to take it to the judge and find out why you should or should not ride your bike NUDE….

Tattoos are one of the oldest art forms and their practice can be found in modern or historical practice nearly anywhere in the world. But in many cultures they also carry a stigma of defiance or a criminal past. Our authors share their experience with the often Judged art form, while trying not to be Judgey in return.

Tattoo Belly