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Top Ten Reasons to Ride Your Bike Naked or Not

Sun, Aug 09, 2015
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So imagine visiting Ghiradelli square on a Saturday afternoon and finding yourself right in the middle of 100’s of nude bike riders…would you be all for it or would it totally shock and appall you….and so we decided to take it to the judge and find out why you should or should not ride your bike NUDE….

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To Ten Reasons to Ride Naked
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Top Ten Reasons to Never Ride Naked
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1. To show off

2. To get a good tan – no tan lines

3. Ab builder – have to suck in your stomach because you do not have covering

4. You do not have clothing to hold you back so you get better speed

5. No sweat marks on clothes

6. Less laundry

7. Built in temperature check – shrinkage

8. To attract a mate

9. To have people stay out of your way – clear path to ride your bike

10. Awesome selfies

11. Non conformist

1. Potholes…hit one and it can really hurt

2. Chaffing

3. Lack of junk comfort

4. Bugs

5. Bird poop

6. Pedals uncomfortable

7. Safety – yours and theirs (people rubber necking)

8. Sunburn

9. You would never want to sit on that seat again

10. Bacteria places you would never want

11. Painful rectal itch

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