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Top Ten: Bruce Jenner Should Become a Woman at 65?

Wed, May 06, 2015
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Bruce Jenner should become a woman at 65:
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Bruce should not become a woman at 65:
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1. She gets all the benefits of being a woman AFTER menopause

2. She no longer has to suffer through having a period

3. Too old for pesky birth control pill

4. He used to be an athlete as a young man, pro female triathletes are mostly middle aged

5. Women live longer than men

6. Technology is much better now than 20 years ago so the surgery will be more successful

7. Women’s clothing is much softer and flows better than men’s clothing

8. Women get free food and drinks at ladies night

9. He can have a shot at being the best player on the senior women’s tennis teams at the country club

10. Comfortable shoes for middle aged women come in wide widths, and at this age it is acceptable for him not to have to learn how to walk in high heels

1. Middle aged women have saggy boobs and bodies

2. Forget being able to lose weight after 65

3. At this age, he will never look good in a bikini

4. He will never look as good as any of his daughters in a dress

5. It will be much harder for him to find a mate

6. He will have to make a huge investment in lingerie, bras and panties are much more expensive than boxers, and need to be changed daily

7. Shaving becomes an ordeal – it’s not just the face anymore

8. Haircuts for women are much more expensive

9. Men can pull off salt and pepper hair, it is much harder for a woman to do this

10. Car insurance for middle aged women is more expensive

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