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Fri, Apr 24, 2015
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The health and safety of children is basically a universal desire for all of humanity. But the best way to go about it? That's the clincher. Between Polo and Ebola and Chicken Pox, crippling and fatal diseases are on the rise. So two of our authors try to find some sense in a world of Internet Medicine, research, and conjecture. And try keep from being Judgey while they do it.

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You Want to Stick What in My Kid?
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Safe and Effective
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For years now people have argued about getting their kids vaccinated.  This seems like a no brainer, right?  Protect your kids, it’s our job as parents.  So get them vaccinated so they don’t get sick.  I get that and agree with the general idea.  The problem I have is the regulation and businesses that are making the money off of this. 

A little political science for you:  US pharmaceutical companies supply the vast majority of AIDS medication to Africa.  This comes at a serious premium.  It’s not free, it’s not through a charity, it’s not through US government aid programs.  Live saving medication is sold to the governments there by the pharmaceutical companies.  Europe is a much more progressive region, for pretty much everything, including AIDS treatments.  Several of the companies there have cheaper, more plentiful, and subsidized AIDS medication than the US provides.  You know what happened when African countries shopped around?  The US government threatened to pull other aid, such as water, from African governments that stopped buying the overpriced AIDS medication from US companies.  Separate, completely unrelated, systems force African countries to keep buying from US pharmaceutical companies.  No this doesn’t secure jobs in the US.  Pharmaceutical companies provided comparatively low numbers of jobs, especially manufacturing, and outsource the rest.  No, this doesn’t contribute to tax revenue because sales outside the US are taxed differently, and in a very limited way, than medication sold here.  This is pure corporate greed using food, water, and clothing hostage for profit.

These are the same companies, the same industry, the same moral compass that puts vaccines into your children.  The same lobbyists that beg, bribe, and blackmail congress to control the AIDS industry also bully the regulators for those vaccines.  So I ask you, do you really trust what is going into your childrens’ arms?

For several years the question to vaccinate has been a hot topic.

There are a myriad of reasons for getting vaccinated.  To name a few, vaccines are safe and effective. Disease prevention from immunization is greater than any possible side effects. Communities are protected from outbreaks of disease and vaccination saves millions of lives.  

Vaccine skeptics argue that immunization causes autism. A debunked 1998 study linked the measles vaccine to autism. There is no scientific evidence that vaccination causes autism.  Interestingly not vaccinating has caused a resurgence of measles and whopping cough.  Since 2010 there have been between 10,000 and 50,000new cases of whopping cough in the United States.

 “Vaccination rates in Canada, like those in the United States, have waned mostly as a result of increased claims about the dangers of immunization that have spread on the Internet, despite overwhelming scientific evidence that vaccines are safe and effective. As a result both Canada and the United States suffered large outbreaks of whopping cough and measles…”. Bernstein,L. and Schatz, R.(2015, April21). The Washington Post. pp. E6. She didn’t vaccinate her seven kids, and then she regretted it.

It is essential that children receive timely immunizations after all it is our civic responsibility.

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